Supply Chain Solutions NZ

Supply Chain Solutions is a completely New Zealand owned enterprise - owned solely by Brad and Michelle Lindsay and Brad’s father, Deryck Watts. Supply Chain Solutions opened for business in 2001 with five staff and during that time has evolved from a 3PL to a 4PL. To give an indication of current size, SCS started with one 300 pallet account. We now have over 120 accounts and manage over 20,000 pallet positions in Auckland and Christchurch with over 100 staff during peak season. We have pioneered a number of innovations in our industry and have developed a staggering number of ‘first to market’ solutions.

What is really unique about Supply Chain Solutions is our specialist attention to Contract Warehousing as a core business. Almost all our competitors are multinationals who are asset based organisations and are bound to their own networks with a mandate to support them. This may not always be best for you as a client but it is always best for them.
In contrast, as a non-asset based organisation, with our own governance, we are free to partner with the best suppliers to bring together exciting solutions that serve the interests of our clients, whilst remaining committed to our core competency of warehousing.
The majority of our clients have come to us from competitors, every client has been referred to us through ‘word of mouth’ and we do not loose clients.
Supply Chain Solutions is now the largest independently owned contract warehousing operator in New Zealand.