Supply Chain Solutions NZ

Scan Pack

A New Zealand first, is a very exciting scanning solution that virtually guarantees correct dispatch, EDIfact and GS1 compliant. We also do sophisticated (scan) cross docking with ASN’s and SSCC’s in apparel models. We are delivering savings of 30% in related supply chain costs. The application has been built in–house for which we own the intellectual property rights. We run complex high SKU accounts at 100% dispatch accuracy for months on end!

Hands free wireless scan picking/cross dock/checking

Our hands free device uses special Bluetooth ring scanners and PDA. Both devices are tethered to the arms of the user (our design) to enable full unhindered range of movement. This technology enables users to access order data, inventory data and complete transactions in real time wherever they are in an Supply Chain Solutions facility. This improves efficiency and accuracy to the highest levels possible.

eWoss – Electronic Wireless Order Scanning Solution

This is a sales force automation solution where reps/merchandisers collect orders at store level using a scanner, orders are then wirelessly transmitted to and automatically entered into your financial system. This in turn seamlessly integrates with our warehouse management system.